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This site's primary mission is to promote existing Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development Projects worldwide, particularly in developing countries. We are actively engaged in the design, conceptualization, promotion, implementation, development and feasibility studies of Waste Plastic/Tyre to Fuel Oil, Energy from Waste, Sustainable Biofuels, Waste Management and Alternative Energy ventures in different parts of the world. Energy scenarios for this millennium are shifting away from fossil fuels and towards renewable and sustainable sources of energy.

June A. Yasol Alternative & Renewable Energy Consultancy (JAYAREC) strives to make Planet Earth a better place to live by safeguarding the environment through its humble initiatives and  advocasy in clean and green energy.

In partnerships with local and foreign registered and trade- marked (RTM) practicing industry and technology, we offer advisory and consultancy services in the following core areas:

Waste-to-Energy Feasibilities- Garbage Assesment, Site, Technology Process Selection and Service Provision:

Waste Plastic Fuel (WPF) by LEC/ JAYAREC

Municipal Solid Waste to Bio-Ethanol  by Energy from Waste Ltd., UK

• Industrial Pyrolysis- Waste Rubber Tyre to Fuel & Power Generation

• Clean Development Mechanism- Project Design Document (CDM-PDD) Preparation


- Wind, Solar and Water Renewable Energy Technologies

- Electric Vehicles (e-Trikes) and Patented Onboard Self-recharging System (OSRS)

Our support and resources covers all areas of project conceptualization and financial planning, design development, engineering implementation and turn-key commissioning. The degree of our involvement in a project will depend on client ability to prove best value for their waste. We have rich experience in the above-mentioned areas and we endeavor to maintain a fine balance between Economy, Ecology and Energy through our humble effort as we strive to continue discovering new and progressive techniques in this endeavor.


Managing Director, JUNE A. YASOL ALTERNATIVE & RENEWABLE ENERGY CONSULTANCY                                                  (Electro-Mechanical Engineering)

B4 L4 Conchita Ave. BLS, Don Bosco II, Paranaque City, 1700, Metro-Manila, Philippines


Home-Office  No. 632-8217103

Mobile No.  +63-921-5515513

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