Project Feasibility


Common practice in Waste To Energy (WTE) Feasibility Study offers three phases of  Waste to Energy project development and implementation:

Phase I- Waste to Energy Preliminary Screening

Depending on the specific type of study, location, amount of time  the project require, and any additional requirements that may be added and to be borne by the client.  This  preliminary screening averages about $10,000.00 to $30,000.00 and requires 30 to 60 days to complete and may include a site visit to one affiliated WTE Plant.

Phase II- Waste to Energy Feasibility Study, Review and Analysis

Provides a solid basis for moving a potential renewable Waste To Energy project forward.  The cost for this depends on the type, location, amount of time required, and any additional requirements that may be included and borne by the client. This study can cost from $50,000.00 and run as high as $150,000.00 and requires 90 to 120 days, on average, to complete. Final result is usually a basis for a US Grant, development  bank assistance or other international loan and investment funding.



Phase III- Waste to Energy Detailed Concept, Engineering Design and Planning

The actual Waste to Energy project is conceived, conferred, designed and engineered. Final result is usually ready for a WTE client or company to call for tender and award bid contract to start construction. A Phase III can take about 6 months to complete and will cost anywhere from 5% to 15% of the overall cost of the project.     

The Feasibility Reviews, Studies and Analyses will be conducted by our recommended partners and led by yours truly, and engineers and PhD's that serve as Consultant, Contractor and Supplier from established organization. They are each recognized leaders in the renewable energy industry and/or academia.  Our goal is to help you determine whether your renewable energy is viable, identify the merits of your proposed renewable energy project, identify weak points, provide the type of suggestive course of action, as well as our recommendations for waste resource assessment and processing, equipment supply and services, site and technology selection that may need further review for consideration and approval.   

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